#39 Direct vs.Indirect Ownership which One is Better

May 18, 2018

For years, I personally believed that direct ownership, i.e. you own the property, is the best way to go for a variety of reasons. Main reason being financing.

These days, I admit I have a new take on it. And think indirect ownership is another good option for investors. You invest in a fund that is professionally managed. The fund holds a large number of rentals and obtains financing.

This doesn’t mean indirect is better than direct or vice versa. Both options are good and can help you accomplish similar financial goals. And in many ways, one compliments the other.

Indirect opens up possibilities to us that in today’s market direct ownership is limited.


#38 Cashflow vs Cash-cow Rentals

May 13, 2018

Whats the difference?
Whats better?
what do you need to know about Cash-cow properties?


#37 Top Mistakes Investors Make That Hold Them Back From Executing

May 1, 2018

When investing there are the TRIVIAL aspects you need to know but there are the CRITICAL ones too. This session discuss mainly the CRITICAL ones.

TRIVIAL aspects:

  • Location Location Location
  • Deal
  • Team
  • Buy low sell high
  • Due diligence
  • Know your market
  • Investment criteria

CRITICAL aspects

  • Focus
  • Determination
  • Distraction (blinders)
  • Confidence
  • Mentorship (outsource the Confidence)
  • Are you a doer
  • Greed

#36 Overcoming Multiple Mortgages Challenge

April 26, 2018

Many investors think you can only get up to FOUR mortgages - that's incorrect. In this session we speak about ways to get more than 10 mortgages and about how non-US investors can get US mortgages to buy investment residential properties. 



April 13, 2018

Live session with question about agents and property managers and traveling to see areas and properties and much more.


#34 What Simply do It Is All about

April 6, 2018

This session talk about what Simply Do It is all about. How we help investors to invest, what investment programs we have to offer, how we go about setting up local teams and professionals and what an investor can expect. 


#33 Rental Properties Calculating ROI the Correct Way

March 17, 2018

In this session Dani about Ryan how to really calculate the online on rental properties. It is important to take a look not only on the cash flow but also on return on Equity as well as inflation or appreciation. Many investors don't time to carefully look at the numbers more closely with small numbers game content to use some rule of thumbs in generalities in are going to miss by quite a lot.


#32 Do I Need to Travel to See My property When Investing Out of State

March 9, 2018

In this session we Dani addresses how do you know if the market is for you or not? When can you skip the travling vs. when you should travel? If you visit somewhere and you decide it is not for you, wouldn't that be a waste of money for the trip? and more



March 5, 2018

This ia REAL real eatate investing session. We speak about actula challnages and issues investros are facing. In this session we covered:
- Map yourself. - Determine on the right strategy for you -Setting up you investment baseline. - Evaluation properties. - Teaming up with an investment buddy. - Picking a metro


#30 My Past Mistakes As A Real Estate Investor

March 3, 2018

- Ignoring The Hidden Costs - Negative Cash-flow - Land - Spread In Too Many Markets - Lack Of Guidance. 

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