#33 Rental Properties Calculating ROI the Correct Way

March 17, 2018

In this session Dani about Ryan how to really calculate the online on rental properties. It is important to take a look not only on the cash flow but also on return on Equity as well as inflation or appreciation. Many investors don't time to carefully look at the numbers more closely with small numbers game content to use some rule of thumbs in generalities in are going to miss by quite a lot.


#32 Do I Need to Travel to See My property When Investing Out of State

March 9, 2018

In this session we Dani addresses how do you know if the market is for you or not? When can you skip the travling vs. when you should travel? If you visit somewhere and you decide it is not for you, wouldn't that be a waste of money for the trip? and more



March 5, 2018

This ia REAL real eatate investing session. We speak about actula challnages and issues investros are facing. In this session we covered:
- Map yourself. - Determine on the right strategy for you -Setting up you investment baseline. - Evaluation properties. - Teaming up with an investment buddy. - Picking a metro


#30 My Past Mistakes As A Real Estate Investor

March 3, 2018

- Ignoring The Hidden Costs - Negative Cash-flow - Land - Spread In Too Many Markets - Lack Of Guidance. 

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#29 How to Get Started with real Estate Investing

February 23, 2018

Here are the main things you need to know about getting started: - Map yourself. - Determine on the right strategy for you - Setting up you investment baseline
- Evaluation properties - Teaming up with an investment buddy - Picking a metro. Find more about us on http://simplydoit.net/ http://reistart.com/ https://www.facebook.com/wealthinreal... meet@simplydoit.net


#28 To LLC or to not LLC?

February 3, 2018

In this session we are disucssion the whole idea of LLCs and entities when it comes to holding real estate investment. We covered when to consider using an LLc or an entity, do we always needs it, things you can do to offset the LLC use and more. 


#27 Your Investment Formula - Separating Yourself from the HERD

January 26, 2018

In the session we spoke about why you should NOT following friends' footsteps when investing, the importane of your investment formula such as size of the metro, pop. and job growth and patterns, industries and employers present in the metro, eviction laws, and making sure the numbers that work.


#27 Avoid Losing Money When Investing in Real Estate

January 19, 2018

We spoke about risk, and risk mitigation, shifting risk. Selling during a downturn, and the biggest risk of all - you!


#26 Be the Bank - Be a Private Lender Investor.

January 12, 2018

What is a private lender and why some investors would consider becoming. We talk about rates, securtization of loan, and who should consider becoming a provate lender vs a full-active real estate investor. Happy New Year!


#25 Should You Buy in One Area or Spread in Multiple Metros

December 29, 2017

What's Better: buying rentals in one area or multiple areas?
This Session talk about some of the dis/advantages of each option and may present aspects you did not think about. Plus we took some Qs from you about selecting areas, SFHs vs large properties, and what do I think of the $50k house. Enjoy and Learn