#27 Avoid Losing Money When Investing in Real Estate

January 19, 2018

We spoke about risk, and risk mitigation, shifting risk. Selling during a downturn, and the biggest risk of all - you!


#26 Be the Bank - Be a Private Lender Investor.

January 12, 2018

What is a private lender and why some investors would consider becoming. We talk about rates, securtization of loan, and who should consider becoming a provate lender vs a full-active real estate investor. Happy New Year!


#25 Should You Buy in One Area or Spread in Multiple Metros

December 29, 2017

What's Better: buying rentals in one area or multiple areas?
This Session talk about some of the dis/advantages of each option and may present aspects you did not think about. Plus we took some Qs from you about selecting areas, SFHs vs large properties, and what do I think of the $50k house. Enjoy and Learn


#24 [HEBREW] Q&A Aboput flips

December 27, 2017

 על מה דיברנו 

- איך עובדים עם קונים FHA 

- איך ומי מחליט מה צריך או כדאי לשפץ 

- מהם הפרמטרים לבחירת אזור 

- מה באמת חשבו בבחירת אזור לעשות פליפים 

- וכמובן הרבה דברים נוספים


#23 הפליפ הראשון שלי - איך התחלתי עם פליפים

December 1, 2017

הפעם בטון קצת אישי על איך אני בכלל התחלתי על תחום הפלים למה לעשות פליפים, איפה אפשר להתחיל, איך הלכה הפעם הראשונה, מה היו החששות ועוד. 


#22: How to Accumulate a Net Worth of Over $5 Million within 20 years!

December 1, 2017

First you need to set your target net worth and the time line, than do you know how to gewt there? This session talks about how to plan gettign to your net worht using real estate rentals properties and patiance. 


#21: Four Ownership Dramas of Rental Properties - Realistically What to Expect

November 3, 2017

Vacancy, Repairs, property management miscommunication & Evications. When you're buying a rental property you will have some drama from the ownership side of it. Buying rental property is not buying forget type of a investment. Many investors things that realistically there's much more to it then the really is. In this short podcast i'm talking about the four most common and realistic parts of the drama you will be getting when you own a rental property.


#20 [Hebrew]: פליפים וקנייה באוקשיין (AUCTION) בארה”ב

October 26, 2017

דיברנו על:
- איך נראה ומתנהלת המכירה הפומבית
- מה הם הסיכונים ואיך להערך אליהם
- התנהלות מול הדיירים אחרי הרכישה
- מספר דוגמאות מהחיים האמתיים
- אילו חובות יכולים להיות על הנכס
- שאלות, תשובות ועוד


#19 An Open Q and A Session wit Dani Beit-Or about Real Estate Investing

October 25, 2017

Recorded in a live event this is a Q & A session that investor presented to Dai. It covers, financing, enteties considration, working with property managers and more


#18 - Achieving Higher ROI & Cashflow via Out-of-State Investing

October 24, 2017

This session teach you about the main aspects of investing out of state, and covers:

  • Real estate investing fundamentals
  • Selecting the right market
  • Analyzing the property
  • Understand your ‘why’ to investing in real estate
  • Getting started
  • Investing alone or using a large network
  • Benefits of a large real estate network
  • & A

Only few can actually help and empower experienced and beginners to take the steps towards learning and actually owning investment properties out of state.

This session is a recording or a live lecture before live audiance given in Oct. of 2017 in Sunnyvale CA