#03 Property Management, Tenants & Other Fun Staff – Open Discussion with a Manager

April 22, 2016

Will talk about:
Screen tenants
What is full role of the property manager?
What things to avoid when selecting property managers
Landlording vs. Slum-Lording
Handling issues with tenants
Addressing repairs
Moderated by Dani Beit-Or.


About The Moderator
Dani Beit-Or, Investor, Expert, CEO 

Based out of Southern California, Dani Beit-Or has been an investor and a leading figure in residential rentals and flips.

Dani has been investing in out-of-state properties for close to 14 years and has been involved in well over 2500 transactions.

Dani brings freshness to explaining and understating many aspects of real estate investing. His class brings together years of experience based on seeing what has worked well and what has not over the recent years.

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